ACE, strives to be a leader on Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) matters in the commodities handling, warehousing, and logistics industry. At ACE, the company and every employee are jointly committed to, and responsible for, conducting business in a manner that protects the environment and promotes the safety and health of our employees, those involved with our operations and the communities where we work.

We act with integrity and transparency and engage constructively with our key stakeholders. ACE is committed to compliance with all relevant HSEC domestic and international legislation and regulations.

Our HSEC Policy Commitments are:

  • To operate and maintain a healthy and safe workplace and promote the well-being of our workforce, contractors, and local communities;
  • To promote environmental protection and preservation while minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment where we operate;
  • To respect the rights of individuals, communities, and stakeholders and contribute to social and economic development within the localities where we operate;
  • To continuously improve our HSEC performance and comply in full with applicable HSEC laws, regulations, internal standards of business practice, and voluntary commitments;
  • To maintain a working environment based on integrity, ethical conduct, equal opportunity, and mutual respect;
  • To seek to continually improve and report on our HSEC performance and review of HSEC targets and objectives;
  • To provide our stakeholders with clear, accurate, objective information on our HSEC performance;
  • To promote sound HSEC principles across our supply chain (where practical);
  • To ensure that we have effective HSEC management systems implemented; and
  • To demonstrate to our internal and external stakeholders, ACE’s commitment to the highest levels of business integrity and HSEC performance.
  • Relationship


    We strive to build enduring relationships where transparency is the governing principle.

    Cost Effectiveness


    Our focus is always on providing the best value to our customers without sacrificing security, service and speed.



    Our growth strategy is to keep developing a diversified product portfolio to reduce the volatility and risk.

    Customer Focus


    We emphasize on understanding our customers better than any other suppliers and service providers.